Paul Docherty is a film editor and motion graphics animator living in NY. His editing for "Facing Forward," a documentary about a radical charter prep school in Cleveland through the eyes of one teenage boy struggling with life in and out of school, won acclaim at the 2011 Cleveland International Film Festival. He was also responsible for editing the first United States Marine Corps training video to specifically address in-the-field diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Paul recently provided extensive animations for "Orchestra of Exiles," the documentary about the creation of Israel's first national orchestra by Jewish musicians escaping Nazi Europe, and the award winning 2010 PBS/American Masters documentary, "LENNONYC." Paul's credits include many other prestigious PBS titles, like "American Masters: Good 'Ol Charles Schulz," "African American Lives 2," and "American Experience: A Class Apart." His work has aired on TLC, PBS, A&E, TruTV, VH1 and The Discovery Channel.


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