A rising star of the UK Commodore 64 online community, Compunet, Paul garnered notoriety in the UK gaming scene when his graphics uploads were featured in the national publication Zzap 64! He started his professional career designing 8-bit screens for tape-loaded games such as Leviathan (1987 English Software), Trantor (1987 GO!) and Flying Shark (1987 Firebird). His first foray into in-game animated graphics came with "BMX Kidz" published by Firebird in 1988.

For the rest of the 80s and early 90s, Paul freelanced as a graphics designer and animator for a number of companies, notably System 3, Audiogenic, and Cloud 9. Paul was a founding member of the independent entertainment software development company, Strangeways Software. When the founding members went their separate ways in 1992, Paul moved to the United States.

Paul designed graphics for companies on both sides of the Atlantic for the rest of the 1990s, developing Gameboy graphics for Climax Software, and for the PC first-person 3D adventure game "Montezuma's Return" (1998 Utopia Technologies).

After transitioning to film and television, Paul has employed his extensive background in animation to enhance the visual sophistication of the projects he has contributed to, including as Ken Burns's PBS series "The War", the Camino Bluff / American Experience documentary "A Class Apart," and the American Masters documentaries "Good Ol' Charles Schulz" and the soon to be broadcast "LENNONYC."

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